By VIRGIE V. AGUILAR, Teacher III, Calaba Elementary School

Teachers play different roles in the lives of their learners. These roles are very difficult to portray. We have to play these vital roles as a teacher for the sake of our learners. We act as the second parents of our learners. When they were in school we have to see to it that we were able to teach them the lessons they have to learn as well as the good manners and right conduct for them to become a better person and productive citizens. The role of teachers are not only imparting knowledge to learners but as well as to develop their total personality.
We also act as their elder brothers and sisters in school. Learners have to be treated like our own siblings. Playing with them to enjoy and at the same time learn. Laughing at them when sharing their own personal experiences. Being their teacher we are their confidant especially when their life seems to get rough. We act as their confidant in times of sadness. Being concern with our pupils feelings is very important to make them feel that they are loved and cared.
As a teacher I am proud to see my learners become successful in their lives because I am a part of their journey. Seeing them achieve their dreams that they planned makes me happy and complete as a teacher because I have done my part in shaping and molding them . We teachers are also heroes because we taught our pupils lessons that they can apply in their lives and teach other children when they grow up. Teaching them the right things will have an effect on how they turn out in the future. I am grateful ,happy, proud, and thankful for my learners who listened attentively not only in our lessons but also in following or abiding everything that will make them truly successful in life. Seeing them taking the path that leads to a right place is truly astounding.
Teaching our learners life lessons is also part of being a teacher. Telling them the right things to do will help them become productive and good citizens . We should be there for them at all times and guide them for a better future. Understanding the
situations of our learners is also required for being a teacher. We cannot ignore the different situations of our learners. Simply showing that we are always here for our learners will make them feel that they are always in good hands.
We are also nurses and doctors in the eyes of our learners. Loving them unconditionally as our own child and taking care of them when they are not feeling well. No matter what our role as a teacher is leading them to the right path is what makes it different. Seeing them successful is one of our greatest achievements as a teacher. We were able to shape , mold and create our learner’s lives.