By Mike Ahren M. Rance, SDO-Nueva Ecija

The Accounting Services keeps financial records and reports to give management information for decision-making. They also submit accounting reports to oversight organizations to ensure that funds are used properly and in accordance with accounting and auditing rules and regulations.

The accounting is the one who manage the procurement, allocation, and control of financial resources of the school. They review and monitor the delivery of Funding Requirements to ensure timely provision of financial resources to support the programs, projects, and activities for basic education, this is called the Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE).

The Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE) is the allotted funds for elementary and secondary public schools that they can be used to support expenses for their activities and necessities that to address the most critical needs that will improve learning outcomes.

The division office accounting unit is currently using Microsoft excel in their daily operation for processing schools’ school’s Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE). Where they use multiple excel for different data processing and recording, like journal entry voucher, records of transactions, printing and others. from one excel they copy paste it to the another excel that sometimes lead to mistakes. They have lack of security as anyone who can open their computer can access the data, they have slow retrieval of data and time consuming in process time, as they always double check the work from each excels if the data are accurate from the another and the consolidate all the school’s data,

The Accounting Unit from the Schools Division Office of Nueva Ecija is catering 621 public elementary School and 118 public secondary schools. in allocating maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE). The division office annual allocates the funds to each school and to fully given by the end of the year. This is to make sure that the allocation will be completely utilized by the school for its objective. This process must manage systematically in order to deliver the quality service to the clientele because accounting unit is not just a merely a simple process of recording and summarizing of financial transactions. It is a public accountability that the personnel involve in the processing of funds is responsible for safeguard of government resources against loss and adhere to the requirements of law and administrative policies and regulations. The funds must be delivering the desired results of programs and projects.

The proposed system will change on how the accounting unit of DepEd Nueva Ecija processes the school MOOE funds. From simple working to excel, it will enhance their work into more manageable system; data will be centralized as they can view the data in one place, they will have a faster communication within the workplace. Releasing of reports will be faster; it will have a systematic compilation of various accounting information and will have much security. The system will have a decision support that will help them in analyzing, classifying automatically and give them accurate corresponding formulated solution based on the MOOE standard.