By VIRGIE V. AGUILAR, Teacher III, Calaba Elementary School
SDO San Isidro Annex
When I was in grade six I idolized one of my teachers. I could say that Mam Felomina Sta. Maria is the best teacher I ever had. She is a very devoted teacher. At the age of 60 she is still very energetic. She used to sing different songs during our class discussions . She is a music lover and has good singing voice. Everytime that she sings I am amazed by her melodious voice . I still remember the lyrics and tune of the songs that she taught us. The knowledge, skills and good manners that she imparted us can be compared to a song. The lyrics of songs can be easily remembered. It touches ones heart and lives. Though she has passed away but her teachings remain in our hearts and mind.
She told us that she really enjoys teaching. According to her most of her pupils are obedient , respectful and intelligent. I am proud to say that I am one of those pupils that she is referring to. She doesn’t have a hard time in teaching us. You will always be inspired by her sweet smiles and words of encouragement. Though some of our lessons are hard to understand, she has her own way of transforming it into an easy one. You won’t give up solving a Math problem, giving the meaning of a word and giving conclusions to science experiments. Every lesson seems to be easy everytime she teaches us.
Now that I am already a teacher I applied what I have learned from her. I always remember her pieces of advise. I never taught that I will be following her footsteps as a teacher. Her situations and experiences as a teacher are very different from my situations and experiences right now. Why did I say that? Learners are different now than before. They are very opposite. Most of them are hard headed. You will exert a lot of effort in teaching them. In addition they are hard to discipline. Most of the pupils now are very talkative and they did not listen to their teachers attentively.
Being a teacher becomes challenging on my part. You have to be equipped with knowledge and be aware of using new technologies. Learners now are over exposed in using new
technologies that affects their total personality. Teachers like us must be very careful in dealing with our learners. We can create or destroy ones lives. Teaching them a lot of knowledge and molding their total personality as an individual is one of our duties and responsibilities as a teacher. Touching our pupils lives and helping them to reach out their dreams in life is also one of our duities and responsibilities as a teacher. Helping our pupils to pursue their dreams in life is one of our biggest achievements as a teacher. Inspiring them to study hard is our greatest achievement as a teacher. Once that we show them the right path we are rewarded and fulfilled as a teacher.