MIKE AHREN M. RANCES, Administrative Assistant III


With the current fast development in technology, developed Information systems helps companies to accomplish important company goals such as increasing productivity and efficiency, accelerating growth, enhancing the current innovation, and minimizing expenses. Also it can help in improving customer service in a number of ways. As such the Division Office of Nueva Ecija develops a tracking system that will improve and enhance the current processing of tracking documents.

The Document Tracking System (DoTS) is a Web Based information system capable of tracking documents submitted to the Schools Division of Nueva Ecija as well as documents created within its offices. The DoTS includes information about the document’s owner/client, document type, the originating and receiving office and showing reports of documents per office. DoTS was developed using Open-Source Tools such as PHP and My SQL.

As the Division Office of Nueva Ecija visits by the clients every day, with 742+ schools in its jurisdiction and from other agency clients, documents are part of the regular transactions, processing number of documents in different offices from receiving, processing, and releasing in the division office. There are times that some documents are hard to trace, Backtracking is one method to locate the whereabouts of a certain lost document. It can be resource consuming, and may hamper the work of some offices looking for documents in cabinet or folders and thru their logbook to locate the document, Afterward, when they find it on the logbook, they have to go to the next office where the document was sent and look thru that office logbook, and the same goes on to the next office until they reach the end office where the document was last recorded.

With the Documents Tracking System, documents are recorded as it goes from the initial receiving up to the releasing of the document. Documents can be searched to provide information on the whereabouts and status of the document. One can easily search for a particular document in the system and see the office where the document was last recorded and the status of the document. The system can check the time elapsed between offices or units. Therefore, reducing the resource consuming search on the logbook for follow-ups and backtracking of the document. Therefore Document Tracking System will help the employee in time for searching the whereabouts of the documents, monitor the in and out of the documents, and can identify the time of document stayed in the offices.

Using this Document Tracking System, It will improve the current processing, and productivity, making the process of sending and receiving documents faster in the offices as it will remove the time consumed in checking the current status and location of the document. The system has also can generate and print of reports regarding the transaction of the offices. It made the exchange of documents between different offices much smoother and provide the employee with a more convenient way of managing the tracking records of the documents with the use of Document Tracking System (DoTs).