By: VIRGIE V. AGUILAR, Calaba Elementary School

Even in this time of pandemic the Department of Education maintains its commitment to deliver quality education . Though the situation is very difficult the Department of Education did not stop using different learning modalities for the benefit of our learners. Different learning modalities for distance learning were introduced as an alternative for Face to Face classes until such time that the situation becomes normal. The different learning modalities used in the midst of pandemic are Modular Distance Learning ( MDL ), Online Distance Learning ( ODL ) , TV Radio Based Instruction and Blended Learning .
Schools Division Office of Nueva Ecija promotes and initiates Distance Learning Modalities such as DWNE DepEd Hour, DepEd SDONE TV, Division Virtual Classroom, Community Radio-based Instruction and Modular Learning Modality.
DWNE DepEd Hour is telecast for five days in DWNE , Facebook Page, local cable TV/radio station in the province of Nueva Ecija. It promotes and gives awareness with the different programs and projects within the division.
DepEd SDONE TV is a Facebook –based online distance platform It offers Video Lessons and other learning resource materials . Teachers within the
division were given opportunities to be a broadcaster/scripwritter , editors and other members of the production team.
Division Virtual Classroom is a synchronous online learning environment that provides our dear learners with different activities that is based in the Most Essential Learning Competencies ( MELCs). It is used to reach out and reinforced learners.
Community Radio-based Instruction is an offline distance learning that uses two-way radio which connects teachers and learners. This is used in schools that do not have internet signals.
Modular Distance Learning ( MDL ) is one of the most common form of distance learning . Greatest number of learners in the elementary level were enrolled in this modality. Self Learning Modules (SLMs) are used in this modality either printed or digitized. Aside from SLMs learners under this modality were also given Learning Activity Sheets (LAS). Through the help of the Divison LR Portal Google drive-based learning resources were given to teachers that they can used with their learners.
Since the learners are not physically present in school , modular instructions, modular supplementary and audio-visual recorded lessons as well as TV Radio Based Instruction were prepared for the learners. Before School Year 2020-2021 there were a lot of surveys conducted to focus on the learning modality that will be applied to learners. Most of the parents chose Modular
Learning wherein the learners were provided with Self Learning Modules from the Department of Education, Learning Activity Sheets, Mastery Test and Performance Task that were all Quality Assured. Learners will stay at home together with their parents which will serve as their teachers.
Learners are definitely adjusting to the new normal situation moreover in the midst of pandemic. Teachers think of ways on how to make the learning effective. Anchored to the plans like Learning Continuity Plan the school significantly focus on the different modalities suited to the learners. It is important to look for the welfare of the learners while seriously considering the limitation in terms of accessibility and mobility. Before, Calaba Elementary School applied Modular Learning were most of the parents agree to implement in the teaching learning process of pupils . Calaba Elementary School has a total enrolment of 562 that adjust to the new normal situation in the midst of pandemic.Almost 100 percent of the learners undergo Modular Learning while learners with stable internet connection are using Online Learning were audio visual recorded lesson in all subjects were applied. Learners were able to reach out their teachers via e-mail, phone call, text messages and through video call in messenger. Learners under this learning modality must be properly guided at home.
At first Online Learning becomes difficult to some of our pupils because it is a new way of acquiring knowledge. Using Google Meet during our class
discussion is not that easy at first because it is somewhat different to what we are used to before COVID-19 pandemic. Embracing the use of new technologies and using different applications that will facilitate the teaching learning process of pupils is very challenging on the part of learners and teachers. Since they are not used to in using computer and others have Cyber phobia wherein the learners are afraid to click any part of the computer. They are very afraid that they might delete any important files in the computer. Like in my own class I have 37 learners only few have their personal computer and stable internet connection. Only few are aware of using and applying Google Meet. On the other hand, it is a challenged on the part of the teacher to make learning more interactive and effective. Catching learners’ attention during online classes is very important in order to make learning happy and enjoyable. During online learning the learners must have good and stable internet connection as well as the teachers. It is the most interactive type of distance learning but having poor internet connection will be a great hindrance in applying this.
On the other hand TV Radio Based Instruction converted SLMs to radio script for giving instruction to learners. Learners must be trained and guided on how to use radio properly so that they can actively participate during discussions. Without the two way radio there will be no communication between the teacher and the learners. Since this is an offline distance learning it
enables the teachers and learners to connect with one another. This learning modality is very useful to those who have no internet signals.
Blended learning is a combination of the different learning modalities. Whatever learning modality we are using be it Modular Learning, Online Learning, TV Radio Based Instruction or Blended Learning the most important thing is pupils learn and at the same time enjoyed.
By working on the effects of the different learning modalities future innovations could be made to ensure that every learner gets the appropriate education. Pro-active interventions could be designed to address the other needs of the learners such as psycho intellectual therapy.
The advantages of using different distance learning modalities are good alternative for face to face instruction, save time as well as money and most comfortable on the part of the learners. There are also disadvantages in distance learning such as inadequate expertise, poor internet connection, technophobia, and time management. Although different learning modalities has its advantages and disadvantages but whatever it is these must be suited to the different grade levels in order to have a successful teaching learning process. We have experienced this in our school were in there were transitions in the learning modality that we are using. Before we used purely Modular Distance Learning. Then we shifted to Blended Learning were we combine Online Learning and Modular Distance Learning. Finally we shifted to Limited Face to
Face to 100 % In Person Classes this School Year which is one of the mandates of the Depatment of Education.
Recently our school offers a Limited Face to Face Instruction wherein learners who were allowed by their parents will go to school from Monday to Friday. It will be of great help among learners. You can see and feel the happiness and excitement among learners that finally they were able to go back to school.