By Roy M. Reyes, ADAS III, Division Office

Days of the new normal had just recently began and it is now a clear fact that the
human kind can perfectly get along with it. The new normal imposes that people of today
be more discreet and cautious. Likewise, such a scenario requires that there is strict and
massive, and effective implementation as well as diligent compliance with all necessary,
mandated and required guidelines, protocols and directives. In this light, it is very much
corresponding and logical to say that the new normal era is far better and way more
likable than what used to be just normal. While it may seem to be overloading with
complexities and hurdles, still the new normal has so many promises for it conforms with
the changing times and the rapidly changing scenario that is sure to change the lives of
humans as the society progresses into an even more digital world with so much global
competitiveness among people. For global competitiveness to continually and
accordingly prevail, people or citizens should be well capable and satisfactorily equipped
with all necessary skills, competencies, talents and significantly developed potentials.
This is very true because of the reason that global competitiveness is not just about paper
qualifications but also about skills and talents naturally or subsequently possessed or
correspondingly acquired.

Public service or service to the masses during this new normal situation is really
not far from what used to be in terms of customer satisfaction and work efficacy. Public
service is a topmost concern of every government official and every government
personnel. In this sense, all who are serving within the government or civil service should
be dedicated, persevering, committed and devoted to serving the people or the masses
efficiently well. Another clear evidence that the society of today is indeed and well in fact
doing well within the new normal scenario is that when it comes to work results and
outputs, the quality is indeed even higher nowadays that the new normal prevails as
compared to the usual times when what used to be normal was still dominant. This
statement is highly substantiated by the fact that the society of today within the new
normal era turns out to be more organized, better geared, highly sustained, and
excellently coping up with all matters and concerns that encompass the pandemic world
or society of today.

The new normal office scenario poses more challenges but such are easy to get

Effective and productive operations should be an utmost consideration in any
kind of public service. With effective and productive operations, it is guaranteed that
services to the general public or to the masses will be well ensured. Quality service is at
its peak when people at work are aiming only for customer or clientele satisfaction.
Nothing beats quality service that ensures satisfaction for every customer or clientele. It
is always a guarantee that there will really be customer or clientele satisfaction when
quality service is provided through good deeds done within the “New Normal Office
Scenario Exemplifying Efficient and Productive Operations”.

Particularly, in the academe, it is a must that public service be prompt if not
speedy, satisfactory at least if not accurate, and truthful and should never be doubtful at
all times. Such ideal scenario within a public office should always fill up the ambiance
for customers and clientele to feel comfortable as they go about by transacting their needs
and concerns.

Exemplifying efficient and productive operations or manifesting both work
ethics and efficacy should be the primary goal of any public servant yearning not just to
earn but also yielding the magnificent rewards of truthful, honest and dedicated service to
the masses. Such is the real essence of the “New Normal Office Scenario Exemplifying
Efficient and Productive Operations”.

by with and can readily be adjusted upon by change or modification with usual
procedures. All that are needed already exist and just need to be tapped or revisited an be
implemented of imposed once more. In reality, nothing is too hard to achieve for
somebody who can work out well with all that are not in place and are not in order and in
decorum. This further means that whatever the challenges are, there will always be sure
and ready solutions. All that are left to be done is to fit or match. There will always be
major differences in the order, structure and presentation of things. This is tantamount to
mending all that are needed to be fixed and filling up all gaps that remain to be crevices.
In an office scenario, this means that all should be kept in tact and all should also be dealt
with timely and appropriately. In a general sense, this means one thing and this is efficacy
and productivity at work.