By Diadem M. Garengo, ADA III, Division Office

Working in the front desk job is quite tough but a fun job. It requires primarily an
interpersonal skill mainly when having conversation, explaining, and also putting
yourself in someone else’s shoes. Front desk functions as the first-hand source of
information, gives immediate assistance to the client who seek help regarding on a
certain process, and provide timely solution to the problem. Every front desk office
strives on one thing that is ensuring the satisfaction of every client at high.
Client’s satisfaction is the top priority of every front desk office. It determines how
happy the client is with the given services and needs to be fulfilled at a very efficient
way. To be simple, it determines how good the office is.
Ensuring client’s satisfactory there are some points to follow. To start with, ask
the client what services they need and ask them to leave a feedback or make sure to
provide a feedback form to know what solution to be given and then take action.
Feedback form can be used as a tool to know what services should be modified and
improved, it is the best way to understand the clients experience on the services given
by the office.
One thing clients always notice is how the staff respond to them. Responding in
good manner is also one thing to consider if you want to win a good feedback. Staff
should maintain positive attitude. Talking and having conversation with proper tone of
voice and choices of words, in this way the client would be at ease on asking what they
Keep in mind that clients come in different places, carrying different kind of
trouble, the staff should be considerate at all times. No matter there are rules to be
followed, front desk staff’s purpose is to assist any person who seeks help. There is
always an exemption to the rules, most especially when it is needed. Empathizing
means putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, to understand the feelings of others,
and being aware of other’s sentiments is same as not only knowing the situation but