By Jaime C. Santos, School Principal II, Sto. Rosario NHS

Sto. Rosario National High School has been initiating a regular monthly
implementation of the School Learning Action Cell (SLAC) aimed on determining and
addressing the continuing professional development needs of the teaching force, as well as to
forge the leadership skills of the school head in becoming a transformational leader, which is
all aimed towards the successful achievement of quality basic education in the 21st century
that is considered relevant and timely in the time of the new normal. This is very important
since attending to the needs of the educators is vital to help make sure that what they are
teaching and sharing to the learners are up to date and suitable to their level and current
context. This will also help improve their pedagogy.
As an institution of learning, the focus of SLAC in Sto. Rosario National High School
is on providing both the teachers and the school head trainings and skills in the construction
of new knowledge mainly focused on curriculum instruction. This is in addition to studying
the traditional beliefs, theories and conventions about education, community, teaching and
development of learning strategies to suit the current needs and interest of the learners. The
SLAC also highlights the need of the teachers in an organized use of suitable strategies for
delivering, assessing, and evaluating the learning objectives targeted for each lesson
competencies. The sessions performed are adaptive to the current situation of the educational
system we are having, greatly impacted by the global pandemic.
Sto. Rosario National High School consistently conducts SLAC every first week of
the month to ensure that the teachers and even the staff are provided with a fresh and updated
perspective about the teaching-learning process including the learning environment. The
areas where the educators are in demand of training and webinar are identified first using an
assessment tool. After determining the areas where the teachers require further support, a
LAC plan will be designed to guarantee that all phases will be covered. The sessions are all
performed both virtually and face-to-face strictly following the health and safety protocol

prescribed by the government. The active participation of the attendees was observed through
the different tasks and outputs they have prepared and submitted promptly.
Another impact of the conduct of SLAC is that it also addresses and provides solution
to the struggles of all. The problems encountered were shared within the groups to come up
with solutions that will benefit everyone. Furthermore, this often leads to a better and
improved pedagogy and teaching strategies on the part of the educators. Generally speaking,
SLAC helps to enrich their knowledge, attitudes, and competencies with regard to the
implemented curriculum, classroom instruction, and assessment of learning. This also
promotes collaboration and cooperation with the members of the faculty for they are moving
towards a single goal. It is believed that conducting LAC sessions “have proven to be
effective in engaging a group of teachers in collaborating and solving shared challenges. LAC
sessions encourage critical reflection amongst teachers which increases the understanding and
knowledge of the curriculum and classroom practices” (The Head Foundation, 2019).
On the other hand, the SLAC sessions conducted in Sto. Rosario National High
School have provided the school head greater opportunities and a different and fresher view
to improve his leadership skills in honing their competencies and in handling administrative
tasks for the continuous improvement of the learning community as a whole. The leadership
style and how the school head manages and leads in solving issues encountered will also be
honed and ameliorated. The LAC sessions are believed to be helpful in harnessing and
enriching teachers’ potential helping them to reach their maximum level and equip them with
the necessary wisdom and experience.
For the months that this has been implemented, the teaching force and school head are
becoming more effective and efficient in managing differentiated tasks. They are also
motivated in working together as they continue transforming the youth to become globally
competitive and engaging, this is to fulfill the Department of Education’s mission and vision
prepared for them.