By Ana D. Barbara, Teacher III, Gabaldon Voc’l, Agric. HS.


Teaching Home Economics is no easy oar simple thing. Well, it can be
easy if the teacher will be indigenous enough in dealing with everything or all
thing that matter/s. this means that in teaching Home Economics, one needs
to be creative and at the same time well-driven. This happens when the Home
Economics teacher is always on the go not only in handling classes but also
in continuous pursuit of searching for better means of teaching the subject
and for creative or innovative ways of bringing forth learning and acquisition
of knowledge, skills and competencies in this subject. The Home Economics
teacher is indeed a teacher with multi-faceted skills and knowledge because
the subject deals with a very diverse or a comprehensively rich coverage over
matters and undertakings of all sort. Every Home Economics teacher is
therefore an icon of diversity, ingenuity, creativity, resourcefulness and
competency. Truly, a Home Economics teacher is one who is always ready not
only to share knowledge and skills but also ready to learn and discover more
for the purpose of progressive or continuous development or upgrading.

Just like any other subject, Home Economics is also a subject needing,
requiring or necessitating intervention programs for students. This is in the

sense that intervention programs are guaranteed to enrich or enhance
learning in general. Intervention programs work in ways that they are
specifically designed, intended or meant for specific purposes in accordance
with learners’ needs or demands. One’s needs and demands is of course
different from that of the others. Because of such individual differences,
intervention programs should therefore be accustomed to every learner’s
needs as necessitated by whatever level or degree of knowledge and
competency every individual learner already possess. Intervention programs
create opportunities for those learners who are meek and not really so active
in class. This is for the truth that there are students who really not participate
well in a group interaction but does excellently when alone or when in a group
with limited number only. Therefore, intervention programs should be based
not only on the needs and demands of students but also on the degree or level
that the learner is currently in in terms of knowledge and competency.

Intervention programs can be of varied sort. The reason for such variety
is that intervention programs should be well suited or tailored fit. This further
means that in designing any intervention program, all facets must be
considered and all problems must be addressed in such a way that there will
really be a guaranteed result that will not only be productive but also fruitful.
The best things that come along with intervention programs are the following:
integrative approach, inclusive features, flexibility of purpose, objective
assessment, comprehensive scope, etc. Every intervention program is an

opportunity or privilege for which learners can rediscover what they can
actually do or perform but they might not had been able to execute because
of definite factors or reasons. Such rediscovery can actually build up
confidence among learners. When confidence becomes innate within each
learner, it becomes natural that they will also become more indulged or more
engaged in the learning process which can be experiential or participatory in

Another major concern in teaching Home Economics is the opportunity
or chance for innovation. Innovation is a way by which every Home Economics
teacher can find better means to teach or handle the subject. By means of
innovation, the teacher can actually find better means of making concepts
more clearly understood and having practicums more appropriately executed.
Certain innovations can actually make room for more development or
upgrading. By means of innovation, there can be more suitable learning
opportunities for everyone and there will definitely be better ways of doing or
executing things.

Having the discussion above, can bring one to realizing that intervention
programs and innovations can actually affect teachers in teaching and
students in learning. This is specially true when it comes to the
appropriateness of such intervention programs or innovations in terms of
being suitable and applicable to both conditions of learners and available

learning opportunities. This implicates that when intervention programs and
innovations are made to work correspondingly well with all other
undertakings and learning opportunities inside the classroom or more
specially so in Home Economics laboratories, there is an absolute guarantee
that the significant effects will be fruitful and productive.