By Jocelyn A. Fernandez, Master Teacher I, Santa Rosa NHS


Who are acquainted with Jessica Soho and Mike Enriquez? Everyone will agree. These
persons have made their marks in their chosen career that even little kids can recognize their
faces and utter their full names without any doubt.
In the pages of their lives, it is their career that has catapulted them into glory and fame.
The news and documentary programs that they have been running are being watched and
supported by millions of Filipinos. Making them to become notable and garnered much praise
and several awards from different award giving bodies such as: Pea Body Award, Readers’ Digest
in Asia, PMPC Excellence Award to name the few.
It is Journalism that has become their magical wand to reap numerous successes.
Journalism is a way of writing for the newspapers, news websites, and broadcasting in the
television or radio. Seeing the opportunity in this kind of field of bringing brighter future to the
youths, the Department of Education has crafted the special curricular program which is
anchored in the Republic Act of 7079 or the “Campus Journalism Act” in response to the needs
of diversity of learners. The Special Program in Journalism (SPJ) is a special curriculum where the
budding writers are being enhanced in their journalistic skill, enriched their experiences, and
taught to exercise and support responsible and free journalism. This curriculum prepares
students to become writers, reporters, announcers, editors, sportswriters, broadcasters, political
cartoonists, and photojournalists as their life career.
As writers, journalists are good in making compositions. They can be editorial writer,
feature writer, science writer, and sportswriter in news publication. To be as such, they must
have excellent writing skill that coincides with great command of language in English and Filipino.
In addition, they should show mastery in grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
marks. They are also expected to have vast range of vocabulary to write quickly to meet the
deadlines and creatively to get the interest of the readers.
On the other hand, journalists can be reporters. Reporters are punctual and courageous
to get out to take the news even it will cause to their own predicament. Reporters can get the
beat in different places and do live news. They make news and break news to make the people
updated with the happenings in the country or may be in abroad. Reporters deliver their news in
the television or in the radio.
In addition to that, they can be announcers who can introduce TV programs, radio
stations, and make comments on sports events. To become an announcer, journalists must have
good voice and can speak clearly to be easily understood by the viewers or listeners.

Another interesting job to land by journalists who have special skill in drawing is editorial
cartoonists. They usually draw based on political issues for newspaper publication. Aside from
journalism, cartoonists must have knowledge in graphic art, visual arts, and fine arts. They should
know how to capture humor on the political views that can be drawn into cartoons.
On the other hand, sportswriters bring important and informative news about sports to
be published in newspaper, magazine or even in blogs. Sportswriter can work in television or
radio. To become sports writers, journalists must know several sports and sports lingo that are
intended for sports. Furthermore, it is their advantage if they have earlier experience in sports
writing during elementary and college.
Moreover, broadcasters are journalists who present the news in television or in radio.
They can give talks, do interview, discuss range of topics that are aired in radio or TV. They solicit
broad range of opinion on significant issues prompting them to become socially responsible and
be fair in dealing with considerable issues.
Among the lengthy list is becoming photojournalists. Photojournalists take picture of
people, events, and accidents to support a news story. They capture photos or video segments,
too. Photojournalists do researches and travel to get appropriate story concepts. As
photojournalists, they must know how to operate different cameras and have good eyes for
capturing subjects that will greatly improve their photojournalism career.
And most importantly, the highly creditable job of journalists is being editor. Editors must
know facts in an issue to edit or modify the information given by the reporters or contributors
should there be misinformation that have been written. They must have admirable skill in
grammar, punctuation marks, spelling, capitalization, and know their style sheets. Aside from
that, they have long list of words for headlines in minds to make catchy headlines.
Journalism will always bring journalists at the forefront. Being as such, it is expected of
them to be sociable. They can visit different places and meet people from all walks of life. They
are ready to go out and research for some topics that may stand out or catch the people’s
interest. However, becoming good journalists conform with the journalistic ethics. For whatever
they are writing, they are responsible on it. They can be charged of libel if they write defamatory
news stories.
Recounting Sojo and Enriquez who have etched their glimmery names in the sphere of
Philippine Journalism, there is no doubt that Special Program in Journalism is a path to an enticing
career in the future. It is a way to make a living. It is a chance to make the difference!