By Ricardo S. Paderes, Teacher III, Peñaranda NHS

The professional development is a key factor to improve the quality of education in the
modern times. A program geared towards the realization of this goal is through Sulong
Edukalidad and the government recognizes the urgent need to upskill and reskill teachers to be
equipped with the needs of the changing standards of education. The Department of Education
also sees the challenges posed by new context of basic education, that not only learners are
having adjustments to the learning modalities but also teachers, especially in the era of
The technology-invaded teaching and learning nowadays call for the teacher’s capacity
to operate, manipulate and empower himself with the use of technology tools, online and
offline by acquiring the skills to browse the internet, develop or utilize ready-to-use
supplementary materials provided by educational websites
Training programs, workshops and LAC sessions are indeed helpful to teachers as these
activities are crucial in enhancing their competencies and teaching techniques, likewise the
knowledge and global competitiveness in education. Participation to different trainings and
workshops are surely beneficial to teachers because they acquire the ideas on how the learners
under their care can cope with the changing landscape of education, using more often times the
learning materials infused with technology. The teachers through trainings are also given
opportunities to grow professionally, being aware of the critical contents of the subject taught
and applying appropriate assessment to learners to monitor the learning gained. Attendance to
such activities prepare teachers to adopt new skills, insights and have an update on latest
applications that can be used as tool to instruction.
Another important investment of teachers is the acquisition of personal gadgets that
will be of use even at home. It is not enough that teachers rely on the school provision to
teachers of technology equipment and tools. There are computers or laptops, printers,
laminating machine in school but it will be much better if a teacher has his or her own

equipment to use. School properties must be confined in school, and there will be limited access
on the part of the teacher. If one uses his own things, it will allow him to be more creative and
he will feel free to explore using different websites and applications. The not-so computer
skilled teacher may also learn computer operations like shortcuts and trouble -shooting without
fearing that he or she may destroy a school property. The gadgets are also usable in mobile
learning, a teacher may be out of the classroom or somewhere else and in between the usual
chores, a teacher can sit and open a gadget to accomplish reports and submit on time, regardless
if he is traveling or busy with other tasks. It is now ordinary that a teacher is connected online
and into a Zoom or Google meet while attending a social obligation or performing other tasks
in another learning area.
Acquisition of personal computers and other gadgets, attendance to relevant trainings
and seminars and online courses- these may sound expensive, but as educators who are in the
technology-driven 21st century, it is a must to invest on teacher’s digital skills and prepare the
next generation of learners in their digital future.