By Marcelo Jr N. Melegrito, Teacher II, Bartolome R. Singalang NHS

The time is right to engage the young and enhance their knowledge and skills in the area
of agriculture. It is now a significant era of appreciating the basic of having own backyard for food
sources and livelihood.
The world is indeed aching. Pandemic has made the world suffered from imminent
starvation and economic instability that up to this writing the effects are obvious and has depressed
the societies. Different attempts to heal and restructure the present time have been done including
finding immediate solutions on food sustenance for economic recovery. Because for a nation to
get up from this present misery needs to eat and be supplemented with proper health care and
foods. These are the reasons why Agriculture is a major concern these days.
The inclusion of Agricultural lessons in different subjects is a must; youngsters need to be
given proper awareness on how relevant and timely the need for land cultivation and preservation.
It is a must that learners be taught on proper agricultural facts and truths in order to make lives
well sustained despite some financial obstacles.
Certainly, these days of calamitous circumstances of humans’ existence, everyone must
understand that today, and will never be tomorrow, is the right time to hone and further emphasize
the need to develop and improve the Agriculture sector. The TESDA support on this battle is
significant. The short-term trainings provided by this agency instigate momentous trainings and
learnings that make young Agriculturists enthusiasts of farming. More than ever, the plants humans
sow today will be the life they will harvest. If the world today desires a hunger-free world
tomorrow, and or a world healthier, with sustained strength and will power to survive, then
Agriculture is an investment.
Everyone could be a farmer anywhere. A pot at home is already a medium for an eggplant
to grow or festive flowering plants that essentially beautify the surrounding while becoming
healthy through its substances. Ginger with multifarious health benefits could also be grown at the
backyard. Other root crops like cassava and camote tops are healthier that foods from
commercialized restaurants. Technically, being conscious with the foods eaten is the starting point
for one to be agriculture-lover.
To top the notch, in order to materialize a nation with agricultural projects and sustained
will to promote the sector among citizens, the government should take the initiatives. The
government has to carry the obligations of understanding the real essence of the society’s produce.
They should be implementing laws providing support and security to those citizens who are up to
Agriculture. Programs that implicate the love for sustainable farming must be materialized so that

this nation continuously strive and live with love for land cultivation no matter how humbling the
task is.
The pandemic has led people to realize that planting at home, supporting the Agriculture
sector is a great move towards a life well-preserved and maintained. Retirement age should not be
the perfect time to understand this clamor—where they say, retirees could spend time with. In fact,
the time is now…or never at all.
People should not consider health as ordeal, or a reason to work 24-hours a day for a
secured future. People these days, on the otherhand must celebrate health at its best. Agriculture
equates with better health. So why not work on both?