By Marites B. Mandia, Teacher III, Marcos Village ES

Stress is the state of one’s mind condition, worry, nervousness,
depression and tension caused by the body’s response to life’s work or to life’s
situation. Here are some reasons to a person experiencing stress; interview,
taking an exam and giving task to an event, how to deliver speech, fear , anger,
and problem encountered to unresolved issue on a particular situation, an
ability to handle the situation is a leading cause of stress .Too much of it can
have dire effects on morale and productivity.
The stress has two type; It is the Eustress and the other one is called
Distress. Eustress is helpful for it is considered positive stress that helps a
person to build positive outlook, enthusiasm, interest and continue to work
and finish the objectives or goals that have been set until he accomplished it
with delight in his heart while distress is caused by depression or negative
thoughts or thinking to a certain situation. It gives harmful effects to one’s
work or to other people whom she/ he encounters. It discourages an
individual from becoming well motivated, become positive to life’s experiences
that one could result to physical, emotional and mental problem.
Based from research , stress can be managed with mindful meditation
which can lead to reduce psychological stress and anxiety.Researchers
examined data that self -reported stress is associated with risk of death if not
managed. It is relevant to control the level of stress for improving everyday
functioning and restore the balance and should apply the four A’s : Avoid,
Adapt, Alter and Accept.
How to avoid stress when at work? Many things at work are beyond our
control particularly the behavior and heavy workload. It is very important to
cope problems whenever you are. Why worry a lot? To avoid this, should be
positive thinker, consider stress as a challenge, take time to recharge, remain
optimistic, share your thoughts with someone close to you and learn to love
and enjoy work and find reasons to smile even in the midst of the worst times.
Should not let stress control a beautiful day. Instead, stress should be the
one to be controlled. When work stresses you, look something that will take
your stress away. He/She must be able to adapt and merge with methods of
using resources and put one’s energy in a productive ways that alter the
manifestation of his potentials and alter the best action that could result best
performance especially when at work.

The following are suggestions be done to avoid stress:

  1. Be knowledgeable, open -minded, share what you are going through
    and considerate. Should know how to follow and respect policies set by
    the company. Often communication helps you express your sides or
    ideas with confidence and solve the problem.
  2. Exercise and healthy living are two of the best weapons against stress.
    Daily exercise improving your quality of sleep and boosting your
  3. Stay flexible. We can solve problem in different ways. If plan a fails to
    work out, there is always plan B, C or D. If you remain flexible, you will
    multiply your options.
  4. Seek advice to professionals. You can gain ideas to a counselor to
    modify your attitude and learn how to perceive positive reactions.
  5. Energize your mind and body and spiritual upbringing. Create a time
    for yourself thinking of the best for you. Pray and have faith in order to
    know God’s wonderful plan for you.
    All of these are needed to avoid stress when at work. This increase and
    develop enthusiasm to the tasks given. Thinking how to help in creating
    good environment with friends and co-workers strengthens effective
    collaboration that result to a better condition in every situation. Everyone
    need support systems at work and let others shoulder some of the
    responsibility, accepting help from trusted friends and family members can
    improve your ability to manage stress and look for something new that can
    benefit your life in positive ways.


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