By Ronald F. Gaspar, Teacher III, Dr. Ramon De Santos NHS

The new normal teacher is an even better teacher. It is not just the classroom
anymore that serves as a performing stage for the new normal teacher. Extent of
service is now broadened way beyond. Homes of every student handled serves as a
virtual or distant work place. The distant teacher may not be physically around but
presence is constructively and effectively subdued by virtual existence. Every distant
teacher is just a click away. The new normal teacher is the same old teacher but a
better version of the original.
The new normal teacher is a pandemic hero. If nurses and doctors save lives, the
new normal teacher who is also a pandemic hero saves the future and safeguards
destiny. Without the new normal teachers, there will no longer be bright hopes for
tomorrow and there will also be no more realization of young dreams and aspirations.
New normal teachers are equally important as medical practitioners. The new normal
teacher is no different from doctors and nurses.
The new normal teacher is more than just a front liner. Nobody cares more for the
young, other than parents, but the new normal teacher. The future is perfectly
schemed and realizations of young dreams are guaranteed with the magic touch of a
new normal teacher. Care is provided to every learner even though extremely apart.
No amount of moral support provided by the distant teacher can equate to that
provided by other people for how a teacher cares is genuine and fervent. The new
normal teacher is a distant care provider and a nurturing knowledge provider.
The new normal teacher knows no limits. No matter how burdened they are, new
normal teachers still manage to push through and carry along. Giving up is never their
aim. Teachers at this pandemic time are way more patient and ingenious. These two
virtues are components of a perfect combination. What cannot be provided can be
substituted. What cannot be waited for can be replaced. With a new normal teacher’s
patience and ingenuity, no problem is so hard to solve. The new normal teacher has
every answer and all solutions to any problem.
The new normal teacher is capable and ready. Every teacher of today is
empowered and bestowed with so much will and enthusiasm. This strong will is
unceasing and fiery. The enthusiasm is magnanimous and great. With strong will and
magnanimous enthusiasm, there is no mountain so high that its peak cannot be
reached and there is no ocean too wide that it cannot be crossed. The new normal
teacher cannot be stopped by anyone or anything, not even by the pandemic.
The new normal teacher is enduring. No challenge can ever wear down the new
normal teacher. Strength is enormous and immeasurable for a new normal teacher.
Fatigue is out of every new normal teacher’s vocabulary. One can be rest assured with
the never ending endurance of a new normal teacher. The new normal teacher can
withstand all trials and surpass all obstacles. Indeed, the teacher of before who is just
a 1.0 version is now upgraded to a 2.0 version equipped with compassion and
commitment which are the trademarks of a new normal teacher.