By Mark Jayson C. Valdez, EPS II, SDO Nueva Ecija – SGOD

“Brigada Eskwela” is a year-to-year endeavour or undertaking that is meant to bind
together the whole academe with the entire school community which includes the students,
the parents, the stakeholders, the public officials, and everyone involved in the existence,
sustenance and upgrading of the school. The bond intended to become strong, lasting and
efficient is aimed toward accomplishing common goals and realizing schemes and plans that
will not only make the operations of the school continuous but also progressive and highly
advancing. “Brigada Eskwela” further aims to prepare beforehand all necessary and essential
items and matters, both physical and non-physical with every onset of each annual school
opening. With all the planned accomplishments to be realized, there is definitely a significant
need to conduct and annually hold “Brigada Eskwela” as it had already became an
indispensable tradition within the Philippine academe.

“Brigada Eskwela” is definitely “gearing-up” the school and the entire academe in
the sense that all preparations are made and everything that is needed is provided in order to
meet demands or needs of learners as determined by the curriculum and by the given
situation as well and in consideration to every occurrence categorized both as anticipated or
emerging. Just like with the present pandemic situation or scenario, everything can be well-
met according to or in accordance with the needs of the time by properly gearing-up so as to
make all things compliant with all aspects as mandated by the different agencies and bureaus.
By correspondingly and efficiently “gearing-up” plans are better carried out and schemes are
more effectively implemented because all occurrences are anticipated for which pro-active
measures are already prepared and made ready as a means of response or answer to whatever
problems or challenges may arise or emerge.

“Brigada Eskwela” is definitely “shaping-up” what lies ahead in the school because
it is a dynamic means to answer or address every situation, may it be favorable or not. With
the appropriate “shaping-up”, of what should be in store for every learner with the onset of
each school-year, turn-out of matters and things are better ensured to become positively met
and attained. The so-called “shaping-up” of things takes place every time that every bit of
preparation is made or carried out based on objectives or goals appropriately set as a

schematic step in further progressing to the attainment of a common ultimate goal which is to
make education for all accessible, successful, productive and positively life-changing.

“Brigada Eskwela” is definitely “levelling-up” what there are to partake with and
benefit from in terms of instructions, application, and innovation based on culture, traditions,
norms and standards that never deviates from what is demanded for by both the academe and
the society. “Levelling-up” further means bringing up to a much higher level what are
already in existence and what are already sustainable so as to make such even more beneficial
for all. With the “levelling-up” process properly achieved and attained, all things are
expected to become better and upgraded. “Levelling-up”, therefore, pertains to innovation
and modification. Innovation is meant to make things easier and modification is intended to
customize in order to make everything tailored-fit.

Gearing-up, shaping-up, and levelling-up through “Brigada Eskwela” is one goal
reachable and highly possible when all are made to work sticking to plans and schemes with
all necessary adjustments allowed to happen.