By Jollibee C. Angel, Master Teacher I, Culong ES

How do we prepare ourselves in life? Do we have preparatory classes when we were
students? Or do we have some tasks or assignments back then which taught us what to expect
about life?
Early childhood education must have been carrying the utmost baggage when it comes
to development of a child. This is considered as the starter pack for a child on becoming a
schoolboy or schoolgirl. On a normal set up, we can see that every first day of kindergarten
class, kids are mostly crying and asking or looking for their caregivers which popularly known as
separation anxiety.
This scenario is understandable in preparing for life. We all have separation anxiety with
everything that is familiar to us and one day, it will be far from different, imagine that for a child’s
mind and feelings. When we learn to let go of what’s familiar and what’s usual to us, there we
step up for improvement. We got to learn about taking risks. Taking it on the perspective of a
kindergarten kid, it is not a forever view that we cry over separation from our caregivers. We all
have that moment when we learn to adjust and embrace the newness that is upfront on us.
When we learn to accept about the realities in life, then we can do things with fluidity.
Entering school as a kinder kid might offer lots of challenges and breakthroughs. It might
be positive or negative ones. But when a child learns to embrace school as a safe zone,
opportunities come in like flashes of light. Like for adults, school is like the reality. Once we
learn to jive in, opportunities to learn and develop our uniqueness is limitless. We might
encounter glitches along the way, but like in every child’s eye, it is like a one tantrum away, one
day it comes and goes away the other day, no grudges held.
In addition, playtime is crucial in every ECE classes. Playtime opens different chances
for everyone like it can be a way to interact, form a bond or rapport, make friends with, and learn
the basics. Play is significantly life-changing even for toddlers. It gives them the assurance and
security they need with their parents and caregivers that’s why it is part of every class. For
adults, be it a or a collaborative work or tasks, the connection that is built through these chances
might be life changing. In fact, it can be a way to improve oneself, towards self and others.
Kids when established with routines, they learn to unleash their talents and intelligences.
They learn to be comfortable with themselves and with who they are. Just like us, when we get
to love where we are and the people around us, we aren’t hesitated to show our true selves and
our talents. It is like an opening door to many. A safe place is like a sanctuary and haven where
comfort lies in. That must be a school must like. A comfort for many but a place with boundless
lessons to offer.
As they say, childlike mindset must be utilized every time and indeed it’s a timeless thing
that we need to be reminded. A child may take life as an easy peasy lemon, so be with us,
simplifying things around us will never go wrong, most of the time.