Leading an organization is a process that requires knowledge, ability and
competencies that needed to be utilized in understanding the functions and
purposes of running the said organization. Besides, it poses a lot of challenges
needed to overcome and requires duties and responsibilities needed to fulfill
in order to achieve its goals. Leaning on this principle, it is safe to conclude that leading a group
influences the outcomes based on the activities accomplished and efforts exerted by each of the
members of the organization.
Leading an organization is far complex than what we expect. Since human resources are involved in all
activities and operations that make the goals and objectives of the group achieve, the leader of the
group should regard the welfare and well-being of the people whom he/she leads. Needless to say that
ignoring the needs of these people might result to troubles that would really cause negative effects to
the organization.
There are so many factors to consider in dealing with people. Furthermore, there are also distinct
characteristics a leader has to possess towards building harmonious relationships among people. Here
are some suggestions that make a leader good in LEADING his/her followers according to research.
L-ooking into the needs of the people. Business sector and psychology both associate management and
organizational activities to psychological and physiological requirements of employees. Leaning on the
Maslow’s concept about human needs, human beings need to satisfy their needs and desires which
include love, safety and security, belongingness, and self-esteem. In connection, this satisfaction
motivates people to perform well in his workplace.
E-mpowering the people through involving them in decision making. Since the people are directly
engaged in the activities and operations of the organization, there is must for a consultation with them.
Their opinions and suggestions matter on the plans and strategies to be employed in order to attain the
goals of the organization.
A-cknowledging and recognizing the efforts of each of the members of the organizations. Giving rewards
and in the form of monetary incentives, or certificates or simply tapping of shoulders really inspires the
employees to do better. Proud employees are motivated employees; and motivated employees work

D-eepening the understanding of the employees of the purposes and goals of the organization, what
plans and strategies will be utilized and how these plans will be put into actions in order to achieve
objectives and targets. The leader of the group is always required to communicate all matters involving
the operations of the organization. If the tasks and roles of each member of the group will not be
articulated well, there is a possibility of overlapping of tasks. This may also lead to confusion that can
give negative impacts on the group’s operations.
I-gniting the desire of the employees to work together by making them realize the importance and
impact of collaboration and teamwork on the achievement of set goals. Through collaboration,
members of the group can interact and exchange opinions and decide on what ideas shared will work in
accomplishing their tasks. This process also builds trust in the workplace.
N-eutralizing the problems and challenging brought by conflicts. No organization is excused from
conflicts. In dealing with it, the leader must be fair and objective. The leader should always treat every
member with equality and respect. Biased and unfair decisions will never resolve conflicts but make the
situations worst.
G-uiding the employees by providing coaching and mentoring system that makes these employees
become more knowledgeable, skillful and competent in doing their jobs. Making this happen, the
employees gain confidence and develop their well-being which make them motivated and inspired in
fulfilling their tasks.
No books or experts can teach a leader how to effectively lead an organization to attain its goals and
end results. What is clear is that a leader is required to exert a lot of efforts to find his/her own formula
that will work for him/her. Understanding the nature of job and knowing the people working with
him/her are really of good help to discover the right recipe of running a smooth organization.
Doing these things is not really difficult.