As children, everyone was taught in school how to do crafts. Teachers guided their students
on how to use the materials and instruments provided to create something new and
wonderful. Moreover, for the child, this experience was always fun and mesmerizing since
they were able to create something new from pieces of different materials. Others, as
children, loved tinkering with the toys and materials that they were given. They enjoyed the
feeling of studying and building something piece by piece. When nurtured, these are the
minds that turn into something extraordinary, someone passionate about their craft. In earlier
years, arts and crafts mainly were sought out as a hobby. An activity that a person would do
to pass the time or to relax, just like reading a book. However, nowadays, it is no longer just a
hobby. It is a skill that can generate income for a person willing to exert their efforts, passion,
and creativity to create something beautiful. This skill has turned into a livelihood for several
people. An example of a livelihood that these skills provide is a fashion boutique for people
who love and know how to sew, a local shoe business for someone who knows how to design
and create shoes, or a bakeshop for someone who enjoys and has mastered baking. These are
just a few examples of the businesses that a person that possesses these skills can have.
Aside from being self–taught, public and private institutions provide programs to hone these
skills. In the Philippines, one of the most well–known programs for this is the technical
vocational education and training provided by TESDA. For entrepreneurs that wish to start
their business in the manual production of crafts, enrolling in these programs could be of
great help. The TESDA program provided by the government is free, and a student can
choose from the many selections of programs that they provide. In addition, after each
course, the learner is provided with a certificate to show their mastery of the program they
took. For entrepreneurs, this helps with the credibility of their shop and skills. Several
businesses have been created throughout the decades from the manual creation and
production of crafts. If an individual searches for it on the web, they would be able to find
several million-peso companies that began from individual manufacturing. Since arts and
crafts can vary, someone that has a talent for it can choose from many categories. For
example, a person with passion and creativity can create and design clothes to sell, knit and
crochet fashionable sweaters and outfits, paint mesmerizing art, and many more.
Nevertheless, to create such unique crafts, the person has to have a mastery of the materials
and types of machinery used behind the production, which is why, as stated earlier, it would
be beneficial for them to enroll in programs before starting a business. If a person wishes to
sew clothes, they have to know how to use sewing and cutting machines, scissors, fabric
chalk, and so much more before they are entirely able to create a livelihood from sewing.
Although it may seem easy, just like any other business, creating and producing something
needs a person’s time, effort, and dedication. Studying and mastering the machines,
instruments, and materials used are only a few of the things that someone who wishes to
make a livelihood out of manufacturing crafts would need.
However, for students that are talented in these areas and only wish to make an income from
time to time. Instead of relying on this to be their sole livelihood, they can do so more freely,
especially if they have the tools they can use. Such as the small sewing machines, small arts
scissors, and so on. This is a hobby that they can generate an income from as students. A skill

that they can use to have pocket money. And in the long run, if they wish to do so, they can
create a business from the part-time job they have established for themselves. Since they have
also improved their skills. Crafts and arts need time and effort when it becomes a person’s
livelihood. It also sometimes needs a significant capital and investment since quality
materials and pieces of machinery can cost hundreds and thousands. And that is just for the
beginning. Machines and materials also need to be upgraded. An entrepreneur entering this
type of business has to have the dedication to continue even when business might not be as
There is no easy path to becoming a millionaire. You cannot just learn how to sew and create
clothes and how the machine works, then wish to become as successful and famous as Guess,
Gucci, and the other high-end brand in a day. Any business takes time to generate income; a
person just has to exert their effort, passion, and dedication to build its foundation to become
a million-dollar business.