“Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask yourself what you can do for your country.” JFK.

The world is shaken. Millions are dying. People are in fear. Economy is collapsing. Countries are locked down. Daily living just shut down. People are staying home. Waiting. Praying. Hoping that everything will go back to normal soon.

Today, the whole world, not just the Philippines, is now facing a pandemic that already killed hundreds and thousands of lives globally. The COVID-19 also known as the “corona virus” changed the lives of everyone. We are now caught in an unavoidable situation wherein following rules is a must to prevent the spread of the virus.

In times like this, going out is not advisable because we are now under the “Enhanced Community Quarantine” protocol. It means that everyone should stay at homes to prevent the spread of the virus as mandated by our National Government. One quarantine pass is given to every household to limit the people in going in and out of their homes when they wish to buy food and medicines. All public markets, grocery stores, drug stores and stalls offering the primary needs of people are still open for everyone’s convenience.

The National Government also gave directives that local officials must deliver and give food to their constituents. This is one of many ways to limit the people from going out and to somehow stop the spread of virus.

Since the World Health Organization announced that COVID -19 is pandemic and airborne, we must really take precautionary measures. This lock down is just temporary. Cooperation is a “must” to contain this pandemic. While we are all waiting for the cure, we should trust higher authorities. Higher authorities should trust scientists. Countries should trust other countries. Having the knowledge of past and present diseases is a great counter weapon on our side. Knowing the cause and prevention can lead to a healthier and better way to deal with the pandemic. Since the spread of the virus is faster now due to our transportation technology, spreading of information about the pandemic should be just as swift.

Resolving this pandemic issue that our country is dealing at this moment is not an easy task. Really. It’s a serious threat to mankind. Vaccine production is an industry which invests millions of dollars in its research and production processes. Hence, it requires tedious and careful study to produce a vaccine with minimal side effects and it takes time to do it. And we are all waiting. While waiting, let us be cooperative and follow the precautionary measures that this government is imposing. 

     Quoting Harari’s statement: “You cannot protect yourself by permanently closing your borders”, in his article we have found out that it’s not segregation when it comes to global crisis but cooperation and information. The out-break of the pandemic corona virus has not only caused a global crisis but also a crisis in citizen-government relationship. Boarders were locked. Countries are hoarding supplies. But lately, there are news that China is providing medical help for other countries since their country is recovering. One of which is Italy. In Italy, the number of people infected by the virus is reaching up to 1,000 per day and today they have 40,000 cases because they ignored the disease and it is something we should worry about.

In addition, they also donated thousands of test kits, face masks and other related supplies to the Philippines. There are people who are saying, “out of their guilty feelings” that is why they are helping. See how this world works and thinks? Sad. But fortunately, there are good people around the world who are willing to help. Like the billionaire Chinese businessman Jack Ma, who partnered with Senator Manny Pacquaio, donated 50,000 testing kits and hundred thousand of face mask and surgical mask.

Talking about how we can manage this pandemic, people are now starting to follow. But there are still many who can’t abide the law. How can we help if we cannot follow the simple rule “Stay Home”? Medical and health workers, policemen, military men, government officials and even janitors in the hospitals are risking their lives in fighting this battle. Let us not let them face it alone. We can be of help. Stay home and pray for them.

Artists, some politicians, billionaires, millionaires, different big companies and foundations are now in action in fighting this battle against the COVID-19. Let us have hope that this human threat will be off soon.

In connection, real protection comes from sharing reliable scientific information. But it’s not just a matter of information but also a matter of discipline and cooperation. Those with trust in higher authority who wants what’s best for us would go through the pandemic with ease. Also, it is better to send medical help to countries in need than to isolate and keep experts to ourselves. Thus making it more possible to prevent and slow down the spread and speed up the cure.

Truly, this pandemic made us stop. Literally, stop from being too busy making our living. We tend to forget our family at times. We forgot how to communicate face to face. We forgot to care for our mother earth. Now, because we are caged to our homes, the earth is healing. We, also, are healing. It’s time to see what we are missing in years, the people around us, our family. Let us turn these negativities to positive outlook in life. It’ll pass soon.

What we can do as citizens is to be responsible, cooperative and   follow the regulations that this government is imposing. It may be hard, but we’ll see the effects soon.

Again, this COVID-19 is a human threat.

So, do not be a virus, be a cure. Stay at home.