Teachers are Stronghold of a Great Nation


Master Teacher I/Bartolome Sangalang NHS

The profession where I belong makes me more exposed to situations where students are deprived of their needs. It made the situation worst and education becomes the least priority.

Education for All (EFA) set the objectives where all street children should be attending schools and no child should work to earn for a living. They must be in school.

The very reason why they are away from school is financial constraint. It is almost impossible for them to go to school because of projects, school uniforms, and other things they need. As educators, we are exposed to the real classroom situation where we can have the power to encourage the students to continue believing that it is through education that they can make big changes in their lives.

The job we perform does not entail us to function only when we are inside the school premises. Our commitment as teachers is beyond the eight hours of prescribed work and being responsive at all times. It is not enough to have the craft of teaching. We must show concern that goes with those basic needs to make them feel and think that we are parents, friends and allies to whom they can share problems.

Children are so fragile and you would not know if they have become victims of mental and physical abuses. If these cases exist in your place definitely you have to be responsive on the immediate measures to be undertaken to report the matter to proper authorities. We are certainly agents to report any form of abuses. Counsel should be given instantly among the victims. Do not ignore if abuses prevail. It is futile that we have done nothing as teachers to respond to the needs of our students. It is very alarming to know sometimes that the parents are the main culprits of violating the rights of their children because most of the cases of crimes are committed in supposed to be the safest place that we call “homes”.

There were several incidents when I would tell the parents of my students that if I would see evidences of physical abuses that happened to their child, as teacher, I have to report the matter to the police authorities and or any agencies concerned. In doing so, it made my students realize that they are important and there are people who are ready to listen to their sentiments and pains. Counselling is an effective means for them to understand the importance of family and their value as individuals.

As teachers, we need dedication and commitment to respond to the needs of our students. It would be a rewarding experience knowing you have done your part well and made ways to address their problems. Our students are our best investments. One day you will bump at them and they would tell you how much your advice had helped them to be in the right track. The compassion should be there to help children grow intellectually, physically, morally, and spiritually upright. Parents and educators have responsibility to nurture them with love and wisdom they need as they continue their quest.

We might not be receiving a good salary for our job but I know that our duties and responsibilities are mirrored on our faces. The success of our students heightens our passion and love for the craft. Be glad that we are teachers because we have the capacity to turn every dream of a learner into reality.

Educators shape the destiny of a great nation. In our hands lies the outcome of our great masterpiece for we made the choice in keeping the ardent desire to teach children. Teachers impart learning. We are the stronghold of a great nation!