Teacher: A Great Motivator of Learner’s Success


School Principal II


Truancy also occurs in the classroom. Noticeably, while the class session goes in progress, there are students who fake their attention to whoever rolls out a learning activity. For a learner-centered teacher, such trifling in class carries negative implications and he/she has to track down on it with care, for there must be extra-delicate source-factors that matter much to the students, though at the very moment, the teacher may also fake as though he/she hadn’t noticed the circumstances but immediately after the class, the teacher should endeavor finding out what’s wrong and why guys not paying attention.

     Inattention suggests many things. It may mean that something bothers a student that in silent or in vociferousness he/she in truth bears o load in mind or in feeling. It may also be something to do with bullying, domestic problem or school-related burden that bombard the learner’s sanity. Whatever be the reason, out of genuine for the welfare of the student, the teacher has to exhaust means at his/her disposal to rescue the learner out form the potential risk of becoming a casualty. There are clinical measures, i.e. at the classroom bed level remedies the teacher can ably do.

     Of all the human needs on however can they be classified by authorities in the fields of education and psychology, it’s the need for being  valued, feeling of importance, the taste of success, for belongingness or for love the ultimately matters. If teachers can find ways to significantly provide to feeding such need, the learner who feels being valued, ushered to success, or being loved will defy the difficulties and pain of hard work, just for him/her to sustain the soul bliss. Teachers who understand human nature won’t find any trace of inattention in their classes. Lavish appreciation, opportunities for the slightest success and encouraging concern, the teachers generously provide their learner’s because they understand it full well that such practices create wonders.

     Teachers should take classroom truancies positively. One relevant suggestion is that they ought to try surveying their students about what should be improved and what was good. This may give them the feedback they need to improve. Students are of best position to enumerate what they seem are flaws and what they seem are sound concerning their teachers. In so doing, they might even discover that their students have special requests or wishes. “Sir, may you please call my father at home to let him know that I actually try hard with my studies?” From another one, though hesitatingly, would appeal, “I wish you ma’am would write me notes or comments that I really did good and that I’ve been doing hard studying, in addition to the classroom well heard, ‘very good!’ for a remark.”