Seizing Work Stress during COVID-19 Pandemic


SDO Nueva Ecija/CID/

As we continue our life during this pandemic, one of the most crucial circumstances we are facing today other than medical health issues are going back to the life we used to have before, such as the continuity of work in the new normal.

             Even we work on a private or government institution employers are still finding a better way to continue our work plan that suits better for their employees, either we work from home or on a skeletal workforce just to lessen the spread of the virus in our workplace.

             But due to the increasing numbers of new cases some employees are also suffering from workplace stress that gives them anxiety attacks, fear and paranoia that might lead to mental stress and job burnout. At first they will feel a bit uneasy and will experience uncertainties, nervousness, irritability and sometimes uncontrolled anger.

             Some institution already foresees the effects of COVID19 to their employees and made some solution to combat stress and anxiety at work. Employers and other Human Resource personnel try to reach out to their employees by communicating with them while maintaining physical distancing and even conduct enhanced wellness program via online meetings and seminars to ensure the mental health of their office workers and other personnel.

             Others practice program that let their employees do simple routine such as 15-20mins work out exercise or stretching or even a time off to keep them physically active and forget about things that stressing them out for a while. On the other hand checking up other employees who work from home by giving them regular time to start and end their work, motivating them while working at home and asking them how they are doing and connecting with them and making them feel that they have someone who they can bent out their worries and concern can make them feel secure and important and may also ease the fear and also may improve their lowering self-esteem.

             Educate your colleagues, share useful information that can help them during this trying times, you may give some word of encouragement that may loosen up their anxieties, research says that having someone who you could share your emotion may help you lighten up the weight you are carrying, and you might learn something from them too. Be consistent and have more patience in explaining the how’s or why’s of the decision your company made up to help them alleviate their fear, provide them the opportunity to feel safe and give them timelines on their work, provide teamwork and collaboration.

             Remind yourself to take a break sometimes and remember that everyone has their own role in fighting this situation. Helping and taking care of your colleagues and employees during this time is essential and important because they might also help you, or they will also be the one that may accompany you to get through this time of crisis.