Life Changer

Mel M. Garcia

Education has played a very important role in the society. After shelter and clothes and foods, it has become a primary necessity for every human being in the modern time. It is the first and foremost instrument for an individual to succeed in life and to reach his dreams and goals. However, education would not be as essential as it really is without the kicker of its significance—the teachers.

Teachers are the ones responsible in making education practically vital so it is just safe to say that the roles of teachers are not easy and not as simple like what many people would have thought of.

         Everyone in the community plays a particular role. These roles change with the situation we belong to, that is why we have numerous roles, which can be likened to wearing hats and choosing them at the appropriate time. More specifically, the role of the teacher in the society is both imperative and valuable. It has a far-reaching influence in the community at large as no other personality can have an influence more than that of a teacher.

         In relation to this, the nature of work of teachers is never an understatement. First, they are the educators of the youth who are believed to be the hope for a brighter tomorrow. Next, they are the people who mold the character and attitude of the students which are highly contribute in nation-building that eventually leads to attaining progress in the country. And lastly, they serve as an inspiration to students who are aspiring to become triumphant in the choice of endeavor they are to set for themselves.

         Let me just reiterate it, now with full conviction, the nature of work of the teacher is never an understatement. Perhaps, those people who did not appreciate teaching— should all think a hundred times. Because in the widest panorama of this verve, teaching is a wonderful and fascinating profession and it that can ignite endless possibilities; it is one of those professions which will cascade you to a realization that you may hold the power to change the world; thus, prompting you to claim “I change lives”.