Distressing Out Stress on Work


SDO Nueva Ecija/CID/

In a normal workplace you will not distinguish workers who are facing stress in a blink of an eye, not until you become one of them. You can study their behavior to see the level of stress they have in work environment.

Stress can interfere with our performance at work, our relationship with our family and friends, our emotional and physical health and other activities on our daily living. Researchers have suspected that some diseases are triggered and worsened by stress, but don’t get me wrong sometimes stress can also improve our drive and bolster our productivity at work. It can also help us think and do our tasks faster than usual, It can make us more focused and determined to finish our task way better. Stressful events can also control despairing emotion and learn that they have the ability to exert more pressure to fight stress they are facing during difficult times and become more alert in an unexpected situation.

But when stress become more of a rollercoaster ride that demands us to commit long hours of work, and increasing loads of report, and tight timelines that leads us to become more worried and overwhelmed due to increasing level of trouble to cope on a blissful situation, it becomes more dangerous that it may start our body system to breakdown and may drain us up to our work gratification.

Whenever you feel that you can’t keep your toes during the momentous whirlwind situation, it makes you impede on your performance at work. Find your way out of that moment and look for solutions. Find time to blow off your worries with the ones who knows you better and understands you well and will not make judgments regarding your thoughts and feelings. Go out with your friends or some family members that you can talk to and can help you regain your calmness, it doesn’t have to be with someone who could fix the troubles you are facing, but someone who could listen to you and buffer you from the effects of stress that filling you.

If it’s possible, go out with your officemates at lunch. Studies say that going out for lunch make you ease up a little bit than eating your lunch on your desk. Meeting new friends at work with same interest, joining clubs and classes will divert your alone time to leisure time, and this may help you release the stress out, this is  also a better way to support yourself on taking care of your body.

Eat a balanced diet, skipping meals will not help, Small frequent feeding with healthy meals can help you maintain your even blood sugar, eating too much can make you feel full and sleepy at work that will make you lose your focus. While skipping or eating less can make you feel hungry and irritable. That is why eating a well-balanced meal is better way to fuel you during work.

Take a break from your gadgets, engaging too much with your smartphones could also engage you to work more instead of resting and may add up further stress due to longer period of working than the usual. Take a break and calm yourself by listening to soft music, lower down the lights or read a book that catches your interest, these ways calms your body as well as your mind.

As much as possible improving the quality of sleep may also help us improve ourselves at work. Stimulating activity such as watching TV or using our smartphones hour before bedtime makes it more difficult to fall asleep it may increase alertness at times where we should be sleepy and makes us stay up longer.

Other ways to distress are scheduling, balancing our work and personal life, and social activities that may help loosen us up a little. Waking up and leaving the house earlier and not rushing to work or running out late will make us begin our day better. De-cluttering our desk in our workplace may also be very helpful, tidy up your table, remove stuff that you don’t need, it will clear your table and you can have more space and it will add light in your desk. Going on a short vacation during weekends will help you relax and recharge a bit more. Indulging yourself to your employers’ reward, it can be a boxed surprise or an office recreation getaway, or even a small tap on your back as their way of saying “Thank you”, commending us and appreciating us for all the hard work can brush off the stress that you have gone through. It may be a burden to us “employees” but can also be beneficial for our growing career.